Space Jam: A New Legacy — Review.

A commercial for almost 2 hours without the skip ad.

ot that the first Space Jam (1996) wasn’t also a commercial, in fact it was based on a commercial where Michael Jordan does for his Jordan sneakers with Bugs Bunny, but it had soul, something Space Jam: A New Legacy ( 2021) doesn’t have, the first feature was an experience that could go wrong, or be another weird movie with a basketball player like Kazaam (1996).

Michael Jordan’s film not only got it right on its soundtrack, but also on its physical jokes, classic phrases and teaching millennials what the “placebo effect” is, so creating a sequel was an even bigger risk, but today’s Hollywood is feeding on that and making mistakes more and more, until when will reboots, useless sequences, spin offs of not-so-interesting characters and any other kind of revisiting will be created?

No more comparisons to the old movie that my “self” child can’t say is bad, A New Legacy has some good points, LeBron James is totally one of them, he’s even more charismatic and livelier than Michael Jordan, so I guess they even forgot a bit the focus on the Looney Tunes that seem make cameos like the gigantic crowd of characters that are in the audience at the basketball game, only serve for Warner to scream “look at our licensed characters”.

The 3d versions of the characters are great, Lola Bunny isn’t sexualized, Pepe le Pew must be in jail and the Pork Pig rapper has its value, but nobody cares about Lebron’s son and Don Cheadle looking at his bag of money away of the cameras. Even my favorite character Daffy Duck are embarrassed in his suit. Really much ado about nothing, this nostalgic critic didn’t like it and is sure that his “self” child wouldn’t like it either.

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